Settlement Centre

Old Muskego Settlement Centre

The Old Muskego Settlement Centre was started in 1976 as part of the “Bicentennial Community” project. It is intended to recreate the life of the early settlers and farmers. “Soldiers of Liberty” is the title of Park’s replica of a World War I monument listing all the old Muskego Township’s 1918 servicemen.

Mill Valley School

The Mill Valley School is a replica of the 1856 one-room Mill Valley School, built in 1983. Material for this structure came from the farm house donated by the Mary Preston family.

Kearney Log House

The Kearney Log House was discovered during the demolition of a home on Crowbar Drive in Muskego, moved to the site, and restored.

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall built in 1922; was used for basket socials, Farm Bureau and American Legion meetings, elections, school graduations, WWII first aid classes, etc. The public library opened in 1961 and Town Hall became city hall in November of 1964. The building was later restored in 1975 by the Muskego Fine Arts Association and used for plays, movies, historical meetings and a museum was established. Rummage sales were its last use as a fundraiser until it was moved to the Old Settlement Centre in 2002 from its original site on Pioneer Drive.

Wollman House

The Wollman House is part of a larger house, built in the 1860’s, that once stood on the north side of Janesville Road. Presented to the Society in 1975 by the Harold Dickfuss family, it had been the home of the pioneering James McDonough family.

Farm Museum

The Farm Museum was created through many volunteers helping in the building of the barn-shaped farm museum with material paid for by the City of Muskego as part of its bicentennial project. It houses farming equipment, ranging from hand tools to a 1902 all wood threshing machine. The hand carved Potawatomi canoe, carved out of basswood, was found in 1895 by Wm. Caesar on his farm while plowing a field on the south side of Big Muskego Lake.

Little Prairie Church

Originally a lake cottage from the Tichigan area, the Little Prairie Church was donated, and then made to look like a simple Church of the prairie.

Heinrich Log Cabin

The Heinrich Log Cabin, donated by Walter Heinrich in 1980 was used to construct the present replica.

Fundraising (Muskego Historical Society)

Several fundraising activities are organized and sponsored by the Muskego Historical Society for the purpose of achieving its mission and vision,


“The Muskego Historical Society is a not-for-profit educational entity dedicated to collecting, preserving, interpreting and promoting the records, objects and structures relating to the history of Muskego, for the benefit of the citizens of Muskego, Waukesha County, WI”.


Fundraising activities include Farm History Days, craft shows, cook book sales, calendars, ice cream socials, Town Square Paver Project and concession at Country Christmas presented by the Chamber of Commerce. More fundraisers and community events are forth-coming including harvest fest, farmers market, Town Hall Museum and Farm Museum.