Location: Muskego Town W124 S9995 North Cape Road Durham Hill Hwy 45 south Hwy 36

Section: 26

Established in 1904. The congregation of Bethlehem Evangelical Church, Lutheran Church of America split off from St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Muskego in 1904. Also referred to as the German Evangelical Church. Click on heading for more information.

Location: Just southwest of the village of Big Bend

Section: 23 and a small piece of 26

The Rural Home is an active cemetery. The cemetery was established around 1840. Many Muskego families are buried there. Click on heading for more information.

Location: Cty. L opposite Muckey School

Section: 18

This inactive cemetery was established circa 1852, with the last burials in the 1860s. There were approximately 20 burials. This was a private cemetery on the property of Judas Jones. It was sometimes called the Muckey School Cemetery because it was opposite the school building. Jones sold the land to Tom King, who later plowed the cemetery under, and now a number of houses have been built on the land. One known grave was of Harriet Muckey Pynn 1/27/1837-6/27/1892. Her remains were disinterred to St. John's Chrysostom Cemetery in Delafield, Wisconsin. Click on heading for more information.

Location: Near Jct. Hwy 36 & Hwy 45 Durham

Section: 25

Established 1843. Earliest Burial 1847. This cemetery was originally called Durham Hill Cemetery and has also been known as Drought Cemetery because of the members of the Drought family that are buried here. The Drought family was the first to settle in Norway Township, Racine County in 1838.In 1965 the name was changed to Luther Parker Cemetery in honor of Luther Parker, the first settler to the town of Muskego. Click on heading for more information.

Location: Cty L at Cty Y

Section: 9

In 1955 the burials were relocated to Prairie Home Cemetery, Waukesha, WI. Reburial records at Prairie Home Cemetery. Several bodies were also relocated to Highland Memorial Park on Greenfield Avenue. The tombstones were not moved with the bodies. They are in unmarked graves. The cemetery has names of the deceased on file. Click on heading for more information.

Location: Hwy 36 in Racine Count

Muskego long ago included the Town of Norway and it was a settlement for Norwegian immigrants. Many Muskego families are buried here. Norway Cemetery, also known as Norway Lutheran Church Cemetery or Norway Hill Cemetery, surrounds the old Norway Lutheran Church building, located at the corner of Heg Park Road and Norway Hill Road. It is owned and maintained by the church. Click on the heading for more information.

Location: Tess Corners S. of CTH LL (Janesville Road) East of Tess Corners Drive

Section: 2

The cemetery was established in 1857. The church is part of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod. The earliest members of the church were primarily German immigrants. The first funeral from the church was on January 19, 1861 for Emilee Bertha Pellmann, aged 12. Click on the heading for more information.

Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery is associated with Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church, located at 145 South 6th Street in Waterford. Some Muskego Residents are buried here. Click on the heading for more information.

Location: Racine Ave. (CTH Y) at National Ave. (CTH ES)

Section: 32, New Berlin Township

Many early Muskego residents are buried here. This active cemetery is located on Racine Avenue (Highway Y) where the Racine Avenue ramp goes onto the old Highway 15. Sunnyside Cemetery was established circa 1841, the date of the earliest known burial. Click on the heading for more information.