Historical Markers and their locations

Currently 12 Markers:

1-History of Muskego

2-Victory Garden

3-The Devil's Teapot

4-Interurban Electric RR

5-Historic Pioneer Drive

6-Plank Road Tollgate

7-DandiLion Park

8-The "Big 3" Restaurant

9-St.Paul's Church

10-"Cold War"Missile Site

11-Park Arthur

12-Luther Parker Cemetery


Marker No.7 can be found on north side of Janesville Rd at Bay Breeze Condo site, west of Muskego El.

Other markers will be added as photos can be downloaded.  Thank you for your patience.  Check back soon!

 Marker No.2 can be found just north of the log cabin (General Store/Trading Post) at the Settlement Building site on Racine Avenue.

Marker No. 12 can be found on SW corner of Hyw H (Ryan Rd) & 45, on the right as one approaches Hyw 36 and Durham Hill from the North.

This is the cemetery that has been in the news lately steeped in the controversy over whether it should be groomed or left in it's natural state. 

(I'll try to attach a link here if I can figure out how to do it!)

Marker No.4 can be fournd on Pioneer Drive just south and across the Bike Path from Mather Bowling.